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Kim Doo Soo "Bohemian" 1991

Kim Doo Soo "Bohemian" 1991


Peter Bellamy

"Oak, Ash and Thorn" 1970

Released by: Decca’s Argo Division in 1970 as 12-inch LP ARGO ZFB11
Produced by: Frederick Woods, engineer: Adrian Martins
Recorded at: Decca Recording Studios - Argo Division
Personnel were: Peter Bellamy
Also featuring: Royston Wood, Heather Wood, Barry Dransfield, Robin Dransfield
Re-Released as Part of Private Issue Cassette of ‘Puck’s Songs’ by Peter Bellamy in 1974.

01. Frankie's Trade
02. Poor Honest Men
03. Cold Iron
04. Sir Richard's Song
05. The Looking Glass
06. Oak Ash and Thorn
07. King Henry VII and the Shipwrights
08. The Brookland Road
09. A Three Part Song
10. The Ballad of Minepit Shaw
11. Our Fathers of Old
12. Philadelpia


Robin Williamson

"Five Humorous Tales of Scotland and Ireland" 1984

01. The Kintail Witches
02. The Piper's Revenge
03. The Rights of Man (harp tune)
04. Wee Jack
05. The Downfall of Paris (harp tune)
06. The Man who Never Dreamed at All
07. Eleanor Plunkett (harp tune)
08. The Lad with the Goatskin



"Promises" 1985

Recorded ar the Abattoir, Birmingham, December 1984;
Produced by Whippersnapper;
Engineered by Alan Caves and Dave Snead;
Sleeve design by Andrew Esson;
Front cover photo by Jim Botton

Dave Swarbrick, violin, mandolin, vocals;
Chris Leslie, violin, mandolin, vocals;
Martin Jenkins, mandocello, mandolin, flute, vocals;
Kevin Dempsey, guitar, vocals

01. Whenever
02. Banks of the Sweet Primroses
03. An Sean Bhean Bhocht / The Gipsy's Rest / Atholl Highlanders' Farewell to Loch Katrine
04. John Gaudie / John Broke the Prison Door
05. One Way Donkey Ride
06. Hard Times of Old England
07. Downtown Rodeo
08. Carolanning: Mrs. Bermingham / Mrs. Maxwell / John Jameson
09. Loving Hannah
10. Lizzie Wan

Tracks 1, 7 Martin Jenkins;
Track 2 trad. arr. Kevin Dempsey;
Tracks 3a, 4b, 6 trad. arr. Whippersnapper;
Track 3b Whippersnapper;
Track 3c Rose arr. Whippersnapper;
Track 4a Chris Leslie;
Track 5 Sandy Denny;
Tracks 8a,b Carolan arr. Dave Swarbrick;
Track 8c Carolan arr. Whippersnapper;
Track 9 words adapted Dave Swarbrick, tune trad. arr. Whippersnapper;
Track 10 words adapted Kevin Dempsey, tune Kevin Dempsey


Ron Sexsmith

"Belcourt Theater, Nashville" [April 21, 2008]

01. Former Glory
02. Cheap Hotel
03. Jazz At The Bookstore
04. Reason For Our Love
05. Where's My Everything?
06. Secret Heart
07. One Last Round
08. This Is How I know
09. Lebanon Tennessee
10. Just My Heart Talkin'
11. Strawberry Blonde
12. For A Moment


Bridget St. John

"Take the 5ifth"

Fans of Bridget St. John's very acoustic albums will be a little nonplussed by this collection of tracks, recorded between 1975 and 1982, many of them in America, after she took up residence in New York. Even more disconcerting for purists is the fact that six of the 17 songs find her accompanied by ace session band Stuff. Get past those mental barriers, however, and it's the same old St. John, whether on the rustic simplicity of the lovely "Maybe If I Write a Letter" or the uptempo "Crazy Heart." There are oblique references to heroes on the album, from Dylan on "Chamille" and "Safe Place" to Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne" on "Make-Me-Whole." It's a bit of a patchwork quilt of a record, as is inevitably the case in sessions recorded over multiple years, but the songs stand up to anything from her earlier incarnation, especially the heartfelt "Song for John," a tribute to Lennon, whose lyrics place it firmly in America. There's even a take at late-'70s quality MOR pop with the perky "You Make It All Right," female backing vocals and all -- a long way from the early, trembling John Peel favorite perhaps, but still good. Her version of "Catch a Falling Star" could almost have come from that novice period, though, with its disingenuous charm. And closing with a song from the Stuff sessions finds her looking firmly ahead, rather than behind. ~ Chris Nickson, All Music Guide